Lesson learned from the Kristi Noem fall from grace.

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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
FEAR and Fearful advise from "Elite legal scholars" can take a promising Populist luminary and reduce that person to a "has been" in the space of 24 hours. People in leadership positions in OUR movement have got to be brave enough to do what is RIGHT in spite of whatever threat is brought by the purveyors of lies and delusional hyperbole. Large corporations seem to be an insurmountable object, but think about it. What if the NFL told Governor Desantis that they would no longer support the Miami Dolphins or any of the other teams in Florida if he failed to support HR1. Who would they be hurting? Would it be Desantis or the millions of fans of those teams.

Gov. Noem fell for one of the oldest forms of intimidation that Marxist Socialists have been using against opponents since old Karl came out of his moms' basement. That's the one where they convince you that you are beaten before the first punch is thrown. Usually if you don't fall for that one, you find out as the fight goes on, that they can be hurt just like you can and the longer you keep swingin' the less of a giant they seem to be. Their lawyers cost them money, too!

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