Let's not give CCP what they crave

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El Torito

New Member
Feb 27, 2021
Now that I've had a couple of days to give thought to the Alaska thing, I want to share some thoughts in areas that I've had personal experience in. First, I think everyone, including and perhaps especially Raheem AND Bannon need to settle down with the whole "we are so embarrassed" bit. I know your job is to make Biden and his admin look as bad as possible, but there IS such a thing as "doing your job too well." Let's face it, as is repeated regularly, "we hold ALL the cards." Did that change? I'd say no. Does anyone seriously think Australia, India, Taiwan, etc., will drop to their knees and beg CCP for mercy? I don't.

Things we CAN take away are that CCP has always been a ham-fisted, arrogant, bullying bunch of bums and thugs. Their rant in Alaska only served to tip their hand, as they say in card games, for all the world to see.

Having spent 20 years in the tech industry doing mental battles with Chinese Managers, trust me when I tell you the most painful thing we could do in return is to simply laugh at them. Make jokes about their bluster.

And in spite of what the doves say, flex some military muscle. Sink a ship. Knock out a few satellites. Maybe a blockade at the mouth of the South China Sea.

They do not want war, and they should not trust Joe and Hunter any more than we do.

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