Liberals want the LGTBQ vote

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Chris Granger

New Member
Mar 3, 2021
Is it possible Biden decided to allow transgender to participate in sports to get this very reaction. From the right? Most conservatives have moved more to the middle and are not phased by gay marriage and all those issues . Now I have to say “ check mate” They have really gotten a rise out of the right where no compassion seems to present for people that have a mental problem. Is it possible that I the amount of transitioning men who want to play women’s sports are equivalent to the amount of white nazis in the Conservative party? This is to say VERY few and far between. I think they left wants us to look like jerks and we are playing into it. Most trans men that I know just want to be left alone, not stand out and do girlie girl stuff. They are not sporty be nature. They are very suicidal and need a lot of support . I think Christie Noam saw the forest through the trees. She does not want to cut off the node in spite of the face and allow her girls to be a victim on cancel culture.

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