Liberty Sanctuaries are a quick fix

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The Patriot Hammer

Democrats gave us a great idea with their sanctuary cities. They ignored federal laws that they didn't want to follow and enforce. We can flip that script.

We can create Liberty Sanctuaries in our cities and states by electing officials at the state and local levels who will defend the Constitution, preserve our rights, promote Free Enterprise and nurture Individual Liberty. And we can ignore the Xiden Regime and anything that they attempt to impose on us that violates those tenets of the Founders and Framers.

Some of these Liberty Sanctuaries already exist in Florida, South Dakota, Texas and others. They're defending their citizens against Democrat over-reach.

When you give LIBs a dose of their own medicine, they'll swear we've poisoned them.

If we work from the bottom-up, we can take it all back.


The Patriot Hammer


Here is just one great example.

North Dakota is fighting back.

A bill introduced by nine North Dakota representatives would have the state attorney general review President Joe Biden’s executive orders. Those that deviate from the constitution will be rejected within the state’s jurisdiction.

HB1164 was introduced by Rep. Tom Kading (R) and specifically would review the constitutionality of Biden’s rules that relate to the topics cited below, according to National File Feb. 3.

  • Pandemics or other health emergencies
  • The regulation of natural resources, including coal and oil
  • The regulation of the agriculture industry
  • The use of land
  • The regulation of the financial sector as it relates to environmental, social, or governance standards
  • The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms
Also, Rep. Sebastian Ertelt (R) introduced another bill that would nullify unconstitutional federally enforceable legislation.

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