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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
Dont give in yet or ever for that matter. Did you know that the vice presidents home is still dark and vacant. Did you know that there have been no lights on at night at the White House. Wonder why that is ? Could be because of the envelope passed at Bushes funeral. Do you know what was in that envelope? Lets just say that It was a message to the corrupt from the Good guys that they know everything! If you get a chance to see the footage take a look at the worry on their faces, they know the hammer is coming down! They feel they have nothing to loose now, means they are capable of doing anything ! Do you really think anyone in congress has the power to keep the National Guard there, 20,000 plus at that. You don't really think Nancy has any authority to keep them there now do you? Hmm I wonder if they are all really just there to assist the police? I wonder if there is any special forces maybe mixed in with the guards? If the bad guys can infiltrate, cant the good guys also infiltrate even more so?I have heard that as many as 150,000 are on the list to be brought to justice. I have also heard that there are some whom we believe are corrupt, who actually are not, but instead playing the part just like a Hollywood movie. Have you heard of Digital soldiers....................Coming soon to a theater near you.

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