Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney. Must watch. Everything Explained (Video)

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I heard this too but assumed it was some Q stuff. I also heard Pelosis brother was arrested for raping underage girls?!? Again assumed it was more Q stuff. Link is below. Again I do not of this is true but if there are any sources out there that can verify this I would appreciate it. There is so much disinfo these days on websites you would assume to be good and since a lot of websites use to be pro Trump and have turned i.e. Drudge, breitbart (somewhat, sorry to say, etc) it is hard to find info. 😩 Again if this is Q stuff, I apologize. I do not follow Q.



New Member
Jan 12, 2021
New here. Did I hear correctly that he said special ops has pelosis laptop!??
This Twitter pic shows a letter to Ted Wheeler, purportedly snagged from Pelosi's laptop. Who knows? Maybe so, maybe no? Sure wouldn't surprise me, in any case, as this is how it kinda played out in the end, anyway...


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