Major Evidence For Standing In SCOTUS For Fraudulent Election Case

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Mar 15, 2021
I also liked the clear explanation, however, we may be 2/3 of the country, but the Democrat and Rino Swamp is 2/3 of an illegitimate government. Roberts does not want this or any election case. He is 1st and last a Rino, at best. Additionally, I love SKB and MTG, but the 2/3 illegitimate government, which we do not control, will likely pass a debt raise and the BBB bill. The Democrats cannot pass the bill. It will be Rino turncoats. They will vote to spite us, the Warroom, and The President. We need Plan B. As MTG alluded to; we have been taken over by coup.

Lord Help America

If all else fails, States should begin to secede from the union and rebuild a better ‘free America’ with our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights in tack. Each State could have the same setup, but with their individual SBI (State Bureau of Investigation). We could form a small federal government with a border wall, DHS, and top-notch military; starting with the non-vaxers. The present state of our country is so corrupted that it may be easier to rebuild our society, with God Almighty at the forefront of our governments and center of our society. By removing our Creator God and America’s biblical foundation, plus tolerating non-biblical ideas and corruption found in Hollywood, the establishment, Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, politicians, and radical far left liberalism, our country has become unrecognizable; because we allowed them to do it!

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