Make America Free Again Summit Kicks Off March 21

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Kind of pathetic to be speaking in terms of “again”.... Should be in context of Less Government and more Freedom!

The Evil Democrats spent at least 4 years and maybe more planning every event to steal the Election and our country. The riots, the election fraud, the planned Demic, the lockdown strategy, Big Tech has absorbed the wealth because of the shifting of the retail economy to online, the fence around the Capital, the repeal plan for the filibuster, etc.....The Republican Party is fragmented beyond repair and “We the People “ have be hung out to dry....our representatives Should have raised hell about the election fraud.This has been a all out Blitz Attack, A “shock and awe” technique via High Tech Delivery modes. At the rate the Bi/Obama Administration is picking up where they left off in 2016, America is going to be gone..... Where is the Military that Swore an oath to defend our Country and Constitution from enemies of both foreign and domestic origins?

There are clearly more of Us than them! The Fraudulent Election is proof! What the heck are we sitting around for? The Forum isn’t getting any results.....we are just spinning our tires....

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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020

Raj Doraisamy previews the first virtual Make America Free Again summit on Sunday, March 21.
BIG THANKS for the reminder....hopefully you will REPOST daily and INCLUDE THE EVENTBRITE LINK so folks can participate....'cause we know many need help 'cause they're busy and can't chase it down.
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