Maricopa County Fraudulently "Verified and Approved" Mail-In Ballots

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

Maricopa County fraudulently "verified and approved" mail-in ballots that lacked signatures. And that's not all.

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New Member
Jul 7, 2021
Why is no one calling this what it is ......Treason and espionage with the foreign actors proven by Pulitzer.
There should be arrests NOW! Trials/military tribunals, convictions, and executions of all involved, conspiring with, or covering for these criminals!!!

Jerry from Illinois

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
Evidence of criminal activity every step of the way. People should go to jail! Lying under oath and other false statements, obstruction of justice, and the failure to follow lawful procedures in conducting the election are just the beginning. The Arizona AG must start filings immediately. If it were Republicans doing these things there would be middle of the night raids on their homes, helicopters, CNN reporters, SWAT teams, dogs, floodlights, commands shouted through megaphones, basically what would be done to the nastiest criminals ever. Ask Roger Stone and Rudy Guiliani.


Well-known Member
Feb 14, 2021

Maricopa County fraudulently "verified and approved" mail-in ballots that lacked signatures. And that's not all.

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and these results are only one county in AMERICA
SKB-Mike Lindell -Rudy several others were right about Az.
and if their words Az by far the closest to being legit
by all means - ML is right -audit all the states
and as far as certification - no matter which state - if audits prove same as Az.
then the people of each state should be demanding re-calls -heads should roll
as far as Az. Ducey should be 1st and i heard several Az. GOP were also against this audit
their fired too


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
I read Dr. Shiva's full report yesterday, it was well done.

I'm impressed that he got the results he did, given what he had to work with and I like the systemic viewpoint.

The "verified and approved" stamps under the printing demands an explanation. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

I always try to imagine what is the "innocent" explanation, and I just can't come up with one for this.
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Senior Member
Jan 1, 2021
In addition to cleaning up the whole election process like going back to Hand Counting Paper Ballots and In Person Voting Requiring IDs we Also need to get on our elected representatives to make a way to Verify that Each Voter Is A Citizen...
I keep writing my reps ans senators. Ks is too reliably Repub. Gov. Kelly, Democrat, was a lame duck to start. Ks could be the starting point for a true 3rd party. Many despise the Repubs. More hate the Democrats out of habit and due to illegal invasion. One Ind nearly won governor about 5 yrs ago.

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