Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Fire Fauci Act

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Susan M

Well-known Member
Feb 1, 2021
Fauci has a lot of side hustle in addition to that 400K+ Federal salary he’s receiving
I agree, he's a criminal and we shouldn't be paying his salary. We should be prosecuting him. He was involved with GOF and we've heard involved with Moderna, is he getting royalties on vax? Is he getting kickbacks from CCP masks too? Selling the COVID test results to CCP? What will they use these for, more manipulation of virus? He's at the heart of this along with Dascek, Obama, Gates, etc
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Senior Member
Jan 1, 2021
MTG is getting serious blowback for her REASONABLE DEFUNDING FAUCI INITIATIVE. Call your useless Senator and Rep. They're just insider trading and raising campaign cash.

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