MASK AND MONEY It’s my opinion

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Jan 23, 2021

It’s my opinion
mask, face shields, and similar items are the largest payola system ever engineered and we the public worldwide are paying for it. We have been brained washed to the point we believe we will all die if we do not wear one. All the while stockholders in the manufacturing companies of these products are making millions, most of the politicians and politicians' friends owing most of the stocks.

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I agree.
I will give an example of inflation, here, that occurred solely because of this covid hoax bs.

Those boxes of latex disposable gloves that usually come in a box of 100. I buy them because I hate touching raw meat, lol just a pet peeve idk why And for other uses around the house. Before the lockdowns they were €5.99 a box. By October they were €12 a box. They are now €20 a box. I don’t buy masks but I know those went from, in the beginning of the lockdowns, 4 for €1. Now they are 5 for €30. My in-laws bought some for themselves and my kids, because they are all lefty democrat omg this is real someone died omg one person my sister in law knows died kind of looney. But they got them at the €2 shop, washable ones. I don’t allow my kids to wear them btw. The hand sanitizers are insanely expensive. I bought one when my kids were babies to stick in my purse in case needed. A very small bottle of it was like €1.50, they are selling them for €20 euro now. Same with hand soap. All the shops were out of them for awhile but when they came back they went up in price by 1-2 euro.

Btw, not just “covid items” are rising in price. Food is as well. Not as dramatically but a buck Here a buck there. Yup inflation, love it.

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