Mask Mandates and Vaccines Are Creating A New Movement

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Here's the "faith" in the next election I question, Sir !
More than elections are needed.
More than precinct committeemen are needed.
More than getting majorities in States or Congress are needed.
The People need more than these old fashioned tools for their security.
The People need more than what let them down over the last 110 years.
The People need to be part of their future in new ways.
The past is past and what was then must not be what will be.
Government is not the solution, but is rather the problem.
More government is wrong.
More federal government is even more wrong.
Grassroots power is better as long as rational compromises are made.
Then, and only then does that power be placed in the hierarchy of choice.
The fewer layers, the better.
Disburse power widely.
But, allow concentration of powers only for certain occasions and for a limited time.
Allow for rethinking the structures of government.
Allow for direct consent and often too.
Elections of the past are too infrequent.
Test new methods of government.
Where did the drive to make our system better go ?
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