Mask still do not stop the spread of a virus, why is this continuing? How can we stop this?

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Stop wearing them. I don’t understand why everyone still wears them, or even at all, when report after report from doctors since last year said they do not work. I was listening to a podcaster the other day, he stated “the reason why this country will never be fixed is because 80% of Trump supporters still wear the freaking masks.” Absolute Truth. People still believe everything they are told.
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Feb 27, 2021
Sorry, Jres, I couldn't understand you through your three masks. And anyway, if three masks don't work surely four or five might! Or so smarmy Fauci may have possibly seemed to unctuously imply now and then. It's simple séance, y'know.

And Mr. Delusional, don't believe everything you hear from commie podcasters who still blame Trump! The Chair was snatched out from under him at noon on 20 January. And, by the way, what country were you referring to about getting fixed? The Constitutional Republic was WIA in the wee hours of 4 Nov, died of wounds on 6 January, and was buried on 20 January. Do you believe in the Resurrection? Every time it worked in the past, somebody named Jesus was involved.
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