Matt Baynard's upcoming Report

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Jan 10, 2021
Matt Baynard was just on a video on Tim Pool's website (they can't talk about it on Pool's You Tube Channel because it's not allowed by You Tube). Matt was Trump Campaign's Data Chief. He said he will be releasing a report on or slightly before a week from Monday, February 22nd. The Report, which has been peer reviewed, will show that three and possibly four states, had fraudulent ballots which exceed the margin of victory. And Matt said there's a good probability that legal action will be taken. He made sure to say that he can't say that Trump was the victor because no one knows who those fraudulent ballots were cast for. Logically, we know what happened. And there's more than just that report to show the fraud.

Matt's Report includes his work of looking into the ballots cast and if the voters were elligible and doesn't include the other evidence available.

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