McAllen, Tx 3-16-21. 6:57 pm

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New Member
Feb 23, 2021
McAllen, Tx
Took a drive to downtown take a look. Sure enough, bus pulled up followed by one Border Patrol vehicle. When the illegals started getting off the bus, the lone Border Patrol agent left. They went into a tent for about 5 min. ( I guess being told how to play the game), then walked a block away to the Catholic charity building. All of this was about 14 minutes. Feckless corrupt joe so concerned about the CCP virus, but no way they were tested! I also find it amusing (😳) the area with portable toilets and tents is all fenced in. Pretty ironic. I tried to upload some videos and pictures. But says videos too large 😞 I didn’t take many pictures. But I’ll go back soon. And I’ll go down to the river in a few days 522B44D3-B6EA-44F3-B4A6-1E5D76E5BF2F.jpeg 56633F75-93A2-402F-B738-05DE45088CA2.jpeg 8AA99631-98D4-4FFC-A256-5D39075B0882.jpeg 29340F5F-EB96-4B85-9C4E-41E9A326432B.jpeg CC41BAA9-2A2C-4A66-BBAD-55B9E8B21E62.jpeg 7265E7DF-B3C7-489A-8524-0D9C5FBCCC59.jpeg
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