Michael Lindell pimp hand is strong…

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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
What a joke, this CNN clown tries to run that weak game on my man, "Chill Pillow". Talkin' about, "These people, right here, on this paper they just handed me, say that they have paper ballots that prove they are right and you are wrong" My man! blows him away with one sentence. He shoulda' asked him where those ballots were printed at? Was that the batch from Bethpage, N.Y. or the ones from Mesa, AZ. How about, "Were they pulled out of a Zuckerberg Drop box or just delivered on a pallet at 3a.m."
We'll see how many of these clowns are runners up for the Five Large at the Symposium!:cool:(y) JESUS KNOWS WHATS" WHAT!, So will everybody else, pretty soon!

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