Mike Lindell is the 60 Minutes for Election Fraud

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Feb 12, 2021
Mike Lindell has the calling and like Moses is taking the world mic to wake up Americans and the world. He is all over the place getting the message out. Mike is putting his heart and money into this and if fair is fair should come out on the other side with more power and money than FaceBook, Twitter, FoxNews, etc. Fake news and fake social media will always be there but if God willing he will balance the scale. Had it not been for TRUMP who I think was put into the middle of this just at the right time in history, with his LandSlide Win, stupid moves like closing pipelines and control the population with the virus would be common place. War is no longer fought with guns and rockets. High Tech machines are far more effective. Just look at your kids who cannot keep their eyes off their smart phones. High Tech helped blow up the virus to a point that it closes down countries and imprisons people and yes created the opportunity to control the election results.

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Timothy Bair

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021

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