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New Member
Feb 11, 2021
We had just discovered BB&B during the pandemic and became a very happy member. We LOVED buying everything there :D: a coffee table, a crib and so much more over Christmas. Why do companies choose to plunge business off the proverbial cliff by punishing others for disagreeing? This is America!

We will never so attached to any discount or brand that attacks fellow Americans for their exercise of free speech. Mike Lindell exemplifies what it is to be a patriot. At a time when people are attacked in every conceivable way for thinking differently than the left, Mike Lindell placed his country and the absolute truth before his own comfort and profit!

God bless him. We will never forget what he has done and we intend to support him by purchasing his book "What are the Odds? as gifts, sharing his video "Absolute Proof" evidencing the election fraud, and we will continue buying his wonderful products!

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