Military Silently Screams "Not our Commander-in-Chief" through Symbolism at Joe Biden's Phony Inauguration

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Lenora Thompson Writer

Active Member
Jan 15, 2021
The military silently made it clear Biden's NOT their Commander-in-Chief.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Military Silently Screams Not our Commander-in-Chief through Symbolism a...png


Well-known Member
Jan 19, 2021
All good conspiracy theories to keep the false hope going...if China Joe is not the CIC...and an illegitimate President...why havent they arrested him...? why are they in the basement and off to Syria? Performing all these childish behaviours gets the country some balls and arrest somebody then...and you will get some believers....otherwise stop inciting anger and frustration...whoopy doo if the Military want to play these baby games...


Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
Interesting observations to be sure. A great deal of communication is via symbols and signals, both in psychology and in the military.

As far as what these symbols will translate to in terms of “action”, we honest civilians don’t know just yet. We are struggling to make sense of disparate elements while those who have an agenda are desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to shape and control the narrative, including with coercion, manipulation, obfuscation, projection and repetition. God bless their empty lives, their broken hearts and their suffering.

As a rather clever fellow once stated, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Actions have consequences and the law of cause and effect is inescapable. It is seen again and again throughout history. This situation is no different. Nothing to do with Bannon or Q. It’s like we are living in a mosaic but we are too close to the ground for an overall view.

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