Mitch the bitch

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New Member
Feb 23, 2021
Mitch McConnell plotted with Pelosi to deny extra troops at capital. Thus it's clear he had a plan to stop the proceeding where evidence would be presented. He first tried to intimidate the senators and failed when Josh Hawley crossed him. Mitch McConnell CHOSE all the judges...thus they are NOT TRUMPSTERS. This was Trump's fault and his advisers. No judge should have been approved unless they were Trump supporters all along.

Ron De Santis recommended BARBARA LAGOA instead of Amy Coney Barrett. Trump should have listened to DeSantis. Kavanaugh was pure establishment, appointed by Bush--he never should have been appointed. Gorsuch is really more of a centralist. So NO ONE appointed by Trump to Supreme Court held the Trump political views. This was political malpractice. WHY WAS TRUMP LISTENING TO MITCH MC CONNELL? It was clear that McConnell HAD DONE NOTHING FOR TRUMP--NO HEARINGS WERE HELD TO GET TO BOTTOM OF RUSSIA COLLUSION--THERE IS NOTHING MC CONNELL DID TO HELP TRUMP--TRUMP SHOULD HAVE LEVERAGED MC CONNELL--and NOT AGREED to ANY JUDGES UNLESS he got what he wanted.

Trump always had the leverage to stop McConnell judges--he NEVER used it.

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