Monkey Pox And The Mainstream's Gross Overreaction

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Oct 4, 2021
Yup, castigating gays and "gatherings"... From what I read online, transfer via bodily fluids does occur, but is NOT limited to man-on-man sex... I read about a 4-yo girl w/ monkeypox! And, transfer is most likely from an actual bite from an infected, ah, monkey. Yup. For real.

Oh, and the "monkeypox vaccines" are really smallpox vaccines - THESE 2 VACCINES (the only smallpox vaccines) HAVE NEVER BEEN CLEARED AS EFFECTIVE FOR MONKEYPOX... Their efficacy re. monkeypox is INFERRED - yes, INFERRED...

And, a LOT of medical folks are thinking this monkeypox "outbreak" might actually be an "outbreak" of shingles or shingles-like symptoms in folks whose immune systems are compromised from the poison jabs.

And, it's never been described exactly HOW the experts "found" or "clinically determined" the "cases"... Was it through the now utterly debunked PCR "test", or just visual examination???

They're building the narrative for more "social distancing" and lock downs.

Yet, the psychos are still "gathering" at Davos... Wouldn't that constitute a "super spreader event"???

These updated International Health Regulations & the WHO constitution/treaty amendments - to be voted on this week at Davos - would USURP THE US CONSTITUTION by giving an extra-constitutional & unelected entity power over the USA, US States, and US citizens. Period. IF XIDEN SIGNS ONTO THIS, HE IS COMMITTING TREASON, STRAIGHT UP TREASON.
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Oct 4, 2021
They say it don`t take much to get lockdowns etc. So this will usher in the WHO with a lockdown.
Well... yeah... I think they're going to TRY to lock us down. Doesn't mean they'll be successful, and certainly not everywhere. I think too many people have seen the scam, are onto them, and just tired of their BS & lies & living in fear of what turned out to be virtually nothing. But then, I live in Wyoming, where a pretty decent percentage of people have what used to be common sense - and, my main info sources are off-LSM and off-off-LSM, and it's a relief that folks all over the country (and world!) are awake. Not all Wyomingites have had their eyes opened, but quite a few. And, these effers will get their asses sued off! Lawsuits re. the entire kabuki theater of CONivd-19 are already working their way through the courts, here and numerous other countries. More than several complaints(?) have also been filed with the International Criminal Court, though they're entirely owned by the psycho Globalists, so not sure if anything will happen there. I think our push back - though late in the "game" - is having an effect... why else is the Ukraine "war" narrative now changing to necessitating diplomacy? Why have the psycho Globalists started pushing another "virus" already (monkeypox)? I think they're speeding things up because they know their plans are on the knife edge and sliding off into the abyss from which they were spawned. Plus, the EU is showing signs of an imminent break-up... LOL. The EU (plus the UK) and the USA are the two main nations/groups of nations being used to create the New World Order - if, really when, the EU breaks up, well... that, too, makes the psycho's precious NWO that much less likely to occur.

None of that solves the numerous other crises we face here - or the numerous crises that every nation faces - each of which is or could be an existential threat for our nation, but it'll buy us some time. And, should the USA itself collapse, we are strong enough & wise enough to rebuild a new nation. It's been done before. NOW is the time to start building alternative structures/means for healthcare, food production & distribution, legal resources, etc. All the systems the psychos infiltrated & corrupted. So that when the present dysfunctional & damaging & malevolent structures collapse, We the People have some things (hopefully much better at serving our needs than currently) already in place to utilize and expand as needed.

Didn't mean to write so much - I guess I needed to say these things. Hopefully, some of them will help you or others who read this. Stand strong in the truth, and help others.


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Mar 1, 2021
the vaccine will make one susepitible to everything one carries...except the covid...but as it turns out that too.

you see the idea was to coat an HIV viron with lipids, and add the covid viron as well.

the HIV penetrates cells it is used as the mule, and the other viron, or medication is the rider....the Lipid (fat) coats it all SO THAT the immune system won't recognize it. It will think, thats just food.

then, when the HIV spike gets the covid into the cell, the cell DIES as it becomes a covid incubator...and makes hundreds of copies...thus bursting the cell.
In theory using dead HIV to deliver a med to a cancer cell is how the concept and research began.

this is how it backfired, too much and you kill too many cells, cause too many clots, and boom, down you go...the heart can't take that damage as it is so hard working, only a little extra fluid of bleeding does it in.

the athletic man or boy is at more risk because they put demands on their heart more...

the bottom line, is every didease known to man has been reactivated, or begun as a result of the vaccine.
the other bottom line is it never worked, the animals all died.
and lastly it not only did not work in humans either, but it has caused a 500% jump in HIV in the military vets who were vaxxed....according to the VA statistics, which means the supposedly dead/deactivated HIV, was still alive.

this is why I said read page 30 and on, on the disclosed FOIA from pfizer.
then factor in the Pfizer is run by SS Nazi's and/or their children....which has now been proven.

starting to see the picture???

Its ONE thing when they said they wanted 90% reduction in world populace, (as Gates and others did say)
its another thing when they start to DO IT TO US.

meanwhile, at the WHO it is business as usual.............unless the WORLD wakes up, and stops the monsters.
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