More in Sorrow than in Anger!

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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
Vindication of the Innocent, more in sorrow than in anger. We go to the SOURCE, any Collaborator, that spoke well of, or in any way gave comfort and support to the Treasonous, Stolen Administration that is in the process of turning over our Great Country to the Globalist Communist Tyrants, must be tried within the confines of a Military Tribunal. Is not the puppet Biden purporting to be the Commander in Chief of our Military? Him and every one of the Collaborating Psychopaths that were enabled by his stolen election should suffer the same fate as "The Innocents of Kabul"!:mad:⚖️🇺🇸♠️


Well-known Member
Jun 9, 2021
Will Americans ever wake up? You have no Prez, and no Biden. You have an 8 year imposter. For god’s sake wake up. I am the messenger from a far of land. Why I waste my time trying to wake Americans up, beats the hell out of me.

Spread this far and wide to every American and the entire world population. They all need to know, you have an 8 year imposter as President. When enough Americans know this, he will be deposed and Trump will take over, get this out ASAP.

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