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New Member
Feb 10, 2021
I no longer trust any news from any place other than the War Room and the people who talk on the War Room. There are a few other programs on TV and radio shows that I trust. However, to me that is lesson number one. I no longer trust the two-faced bought out Republicans who have violated every oath they have taken. I need hard core truth using truth words instead of the avoidance of words or watered down words to appease newsroom executives. It is vital that we speak in these terms and when our Senators or House members turn their backs in our face---we CONFRONT THEM. I have two Senators from my state that do not answer my questions but instead send me form letters. It is our job as Patriotic Americans to call it out. Demand answers and action---if not, no more support. Every day I call or write politicians, news people or talk to people in my community. Do not let these SICK, DEMENTED NEWS PEOPLE and corrupt, bought out, lying politicians distort and twist the REAL TRUTH AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA. Remember this is not about Democrats vs. Reublicans. This is about good vs. evil. This is way beyond policies. DEEP HATRED and HARM to others seem to be the agenda of those running the country. Prayers and strength to our people and may goodness follow us the rest of our lives.

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Don’t put your full trust in the war room. Hear something then do research. I like this website, it is a conservative Christian alternative to drudge.


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