My "reaction score" and my "trophy points" kind of algorithm is profiling me here?

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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
Pfffttt.....ok...I know what dopamine agonist?
Apologize for the obscure term. :geek:

In medicine, an agonist is the opposite of an antagonist. That is to say, a dopamine agonist will enhance the biological response to dopamine, An antagonist would block the response.

ex. Anti-depressants are dopamine agonists.
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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
Anyone have an explanation what these constitute?

This is just built into the forum... Xenforo is what we run. Native to the software and NONE of your info is shared anywhere else. Sorta just a fun thing...

You can see Member rankings here:

Citizen X


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
The points are an incentive to get people to use the site and keep using it. They are relatively harmless. Many web sites do this.

This isn't tracking associated with various forms of "cookies" in your browser or what you may heard about spying from people who are trying to scare the public into using their products (like Lifelock). There are forms of "tracking" that most people are OK with. Like the rewards cards you use at the grocery or pharmacy. They keep track of what you buy so they can keep ordering it.
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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
I am honored to have received a new title today. The burden of living up to it will always weigh my heart some.:cry: Sorry if I get choked up.
So with this I will strive to be and continue to provide all that is expected of me and improve in the future as we move on the path before us.
I wish all well, and I'd like to thank my mother who is old, who I help in her Golden Years, providing the necessities of life. ;)
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