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New Member
Mar 9, 2021
With all due respect, you need to LISTEN to your guests and let THEM speak!
It’s NOT all about you! We love you, but you need to zip-it and give your guests the chance to speak without interruption. Regarding last night’s podcast review ( Mar 9, 2021), with wonderful Maggie, Fog City Midge), whom we all love!! - You Sir, NEED TO LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS TELLING YOU, and not make fun of it!
It’s the TRUTH speaking to Maggie from the people! Don’t disrespect her, chide her, and make light of the PEOPLE’s feedback to her; because she is more the pulse of the people than you are! She is providing YOU with what people are thinking and saying! YOU ARE NOT LISTENING, as our government has not!
Also, STOP with asking for Citizens assistance with all issues! Our respective legislators have given NIL to the citizens opinions and expectations and accountability for decades! They DO NOT LISTEN as you don’t! They, unlike you, DONT CARE! No matter how often the citizens flood their legislative offices phones and emails; no response is received!! It doesn’t change the results to positive outcomes for the citizens. Citizens now, have NO POWER, NO VOICE, or EFFECT to any legislative issues!!! THE MACHINE doesn’t care! UNLESS, we get a Machine bigger and badder than the Marxist/Communists, we ain’t going to WIN!! Why don’t you talk to President TRUMP about a big, bad-ass counter media company - 24/7 - to combat the LIES people are fed from MSM? While you’re there, why don’t you tell him, the people are waiting for ‘WHAT’ he intends to do about stopping and combating the garbage happening now in our beloved country now, and get more dominant!! President Trump, I love him; but he handed us over to this mess of communists and Coup; and he needs to mount and conquer this bloody-mess we have walked into!!! It’s President Trump’s Responsibility and Obligation to FIX THIS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAD SUPPORTED HIM!!! ACCOUNTABILITY!!
Where the Hell is President Trump????

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