Navarro Blasts Ted Cruz Border Trip as For the Cameras

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Feb 6, 2021
I’ve had it with him. When he blamed Trump after the electoral votes were counted, showed me his lack of moral character . He’s another Lindsey Graham. We must replace them.


Navarro really doesn't have any room to talk about anyone else being an attention ho. Heck, Bannon can't even get him to shut up. He's pretty much just a drama diva. Not a big fan of Cruz but now we are seeing more of the conditions that Tripping Plugs was trying to hide.


it is hard to find anybody with enough backbone in politics, they think they have to be presidential to everything, that's why we like Trump, he says whats going on and doesn't kiss A**. any man that speaks his mind you can respect because they are not debating on how they can fool you. Trump admits he is not a politician. he is just a honest man.
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