Navarro: President Trump's legal team is "not serving him well"

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Active Member
Jan 7, 2021
Hopefully, Trump's attorney's will end any more discussion about impeaching a president once he is a private citizen. AND must hit a home run on free speech. I wish he would show up with his defense team (surprise) and briefly go through the Peter Navarro report and then let the Lawyers go into greater detail. Part of the reason Trump was elected was because he is a FIGHTER. If he does not show up and FIGHT, he will disappoint so many people. We need to see him now. He was taken away too soon and without anyone's consent. It all happened so quickly and we are not ready to go to sleep. Come back Trump.

Jerry from Illinois

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
We know what the dems want to do. They will be talking to the American people, presenting to them the "evidence" of bad orange man stirring up the masses of deplorables to attempt a hostile takeover of our country. Millions of peasants with pitchforks.... it is so bad we have to have thousands of troops lined up outside the capitol buildings 'just in case'!

This is the big lie. Grab ahold of this expression--"the big lie"--and make it our own. The first thing Trump's principal spokesperson should do is name this lie. Look straight into the camera in the opening presentation and tell the people this is what the dems are up to. Address the people directly. Tick off the ways the dems will try to prosecute this case. Tell the people they will show us clips of videos in and outside the capitol that "proves" the ill intent of our president. Tell the people that even as they present these as evidence they themselves know that it is not true because with very video that purports to show out of control rampaging masses, there are a hundred videos that show the opposite. It was a peaceful gathering attended by your next door neighbors. Then do the same with the other tricks we expect from the prosecution, ticking off each of them and naming each as part of the big lie. Then show clips of Maxine Waters stirring up people to harrass and intimidate Trump supporters whenever and wherever they find them. Show other clips of Nancy Pelosi and Schumer and Adam Schiff issuing inflammatory and totally false statements about Trump. These too are part of the big lie, and it goes on and on.....It is the democrats that should be prosecuted for dragging the American people through yet another pathetic waste of time and our hard earned tax dollars,

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