Navarro: 'Stolen Elections Have Consequences'

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Right. The money does not go for productive means. Instead of providing to increase the economy, it doesn't. The money goes for stuff which would be better handled by legitimate means of a realistic economy, not another bailout for stupidity.

From Feb 2020, I saw nonsense about this simple virus. The early numbers never made sense compared to the reactions. Even so, after the '2 weeks' thing, greed and panic prevailed. Greed from ALL workers who sat on their butts, because of laziness from their new found 'wealth.' Panic from - I have no idea why people panicked, as I never did once. So what, people got sick and died. Happens all the time. Deal with it and go on. What a bunch of Un-Americans - SHAME on YOU for panicking. And, SHAME on those who gladly sucked up the 'free' money. Now look at what happened. More will die because of too many greedy Americans. More will die from wrongly panicking Americans.

The Great Reset will come and more misery ensues from what never would of happened if the Moral Fiber of the country had not drifted so low. Both by those wanting the Reset, and those too weak to stop it. Thanks a lot my fellow Americans - those who participated in the decline, lockdowns, and sloth.

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