New Hunter Biden Scandal Involving Secret Service…

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

The Secret Service intervened in an investigation into a 2018 incident involving Hunter Biden and his girlfriend at the time and former sister-in-law, Hallie, in which she took his gun and tossed it into the trash, according to a report.

When she returned to retrieve the gun, it was gone, Politico reported on Thursday. Police in Delaware launched an investigation in case the gun, left in a trash can across from a high school, had been used in a crime, the report said.

But Secret Service agents contacted the owner of the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked for the paperwork recording the sale, Politico reported.

The owner at first balked at the request but then complied.

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm
Rudy took hard drive to Delaware police re child abuse. What progress has occurred and has Rudy followed up?
who knows whats going on, it feels like everybody is just out to make money any way which you can. yes i see push back and sharing the news and calling people to let them know how we feel, but if their just doing whatever they want and dont honor our constitution by stealing the election from trump which has major consequences to it. the one thing that will do the most damage if protesting in the millions.


there is no justice again they will not do a thing and if you try to find out something they converse to a different topic. they think they are so righteous but god will get them, and i hope i get to watch. it just makes me so dam mad that our government is even corrupt in law inforcement, FBI,CIA, secret service, all just pieces of s**t. i can't figure how they live with there selves.

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