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New Member
Feb 15, 2021
Edmonds, WA
Let’s be serious: #25 is going to be here within 2 months... it’s plain that Biden is definitely not normal anymore, and careening towards dementia... so, shall we take bets on who’s going to be the new VP?

And no, please not Pelosi... she looks and acts like a half-stunned bird of prey, you know, right after she hit the window... we will lose ALL credibility in the world for generations..


Well-known Member
Feb 12, 2021
Pretty sure America has lost all credibility when they “let” the election be stolen.

People around the world are laughing at America because of Election Fraud. Maybe if was Hillary who won using election fraud it may have not been picked up but Joe Biden, they just don't buy it
Feb 20, 2021
i don't see a clear candidate, but i believe they were grooming bootyjudge heavy to follow president hillary. for 2020, they must have determined he was less "electable", or rather "believably installable" than even Xiden*, but he certainly polled much higher than the camel, whom i assume had to be named bc "black-brown woman" beats "gay white man" in their identity politics hierarchy.

i wouldn't put it past them to put hillary in there just to completely cancel the last 4 years, as if she'd won in 2016, but i think they're sick of her.

and from trying to order the natl guard, to wanting the nuclear codes, it's clear that pelosi, the wicked btch of the west, wants to be president.

i find it hilarious to consider, that if they named hillary VP, and put her, Resident Camel, and pelosi, all in a room and locked the door, according to the constitution, whichever one crawled out alive would be president. maybe none of them would survive. 🤣

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