Newest Sidney Powell ( Audio ) interview she is still in hiding and getting new information on 2020 ELECTION FRAUD -- VIDEO --

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Feb 13, 2021


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Feb 13, 2021
Heartbreaking is all I can say for the moment. Soul crushing having just listened to Sidney Powell's plea for the salvation of the USA....and hearing what we are all up against. Yes, I include myself though I am Canadian, nevertheless, I cry for my excellent neighbours having to face these truths and now having to battle against them somehow. We are in no better circumstances here with our own globalist leader who does whatever he wants and our institutions all failing us as well.
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Psalm 27

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Feb 13, 2021
She is not hiding. She has been cancelled by worthless cowards who don't possess the courage and honor that Sidney has in her little finger. When this fiasco reaches it's conclusion and those who figured they were too important to be brought to justice are ushered into the cellblock of history, Sidney Powell will be remembered as a woman who loved her country and would not back down from the fight to save it!

When I hear these "sunshine patriots" blather about how the Republicans let them down and they will never vote again, my teeth grind and I see red, because I know she is fighting for them as well as us!:mad:(y):D Keep Sidney in your prayers, MAGA.


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Jan 13, 2021
I dont care what would happen .. but everyone of us that stands for freedom. Needs to post on there timeline ! "This is Treason " !!! We're not having it !! Trump is our President !!!!


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Mar 28, 2021
I think Sydney, Lynn and Rudy did a disservice to the American people by suing the state actors in their Official Capacity. They basically admitted that they were still acting as govt actors even beyond the electoral college certification which was void if they were in violation of the constitution. They needed to have sued them as usurping individuals that were stripped of said official character by operation of law.

The only lawsuit in America that may be structured correctly is this one:

They use the case of ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908) to evaluate a state official as having lost his public office when crossing the line into unconstitutional behavior. Also, any of the state laws that violate the constitution are void and have no legal effect. Marbury v. Madison.

If the governors and secretaries were stripped of said official character the four state certifications may be void. The states still can send electors but if they had postured differently maybe things would have been different.

Now, even as Dominion sues them, they still haven't figured out that Dominion is a state actor and as the state, cannot sue anyone for defamation. Thats like having a governor sue the people for dissenting political speech. Dominion chose to be a state actor, they chose to involve themselves in the entire process of the election basically privatizing it, and thus they are bound by the constitution. They cannot force the states and local governments to hide the transparency of the election. Its illegal.

God I pray some real legal scholars start to step up and figure this out.

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