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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
My posts are not based on any type of conspiracy and they are not written to promise a false hope. If you figure that everything you are reading and hearing is half true and half false, then you should still be able to sort out that something is gonna give? If you are able to connect with someone who releases information that proves to be true more than once then that is by no means a conspiracy! The worst thing about lying is it makes it difficult to believe anything. Just keep searching for the truth, you will find it and when you do, share it with the countless numbers of people that have no clue as to what is going on. In a nutshell socialism is what is going on. The people backing socialism hate capitalism they wish for us to go into a recession so they can begin there new world with one world government and one world currency. If you want to know why Biden is signing or supposedly signing all the executive orders he has then just look to the fact that China owns him and that they want the great reset to take over our way of life. Dont take my word for it. Check it out for yourself, The world forum, the great reset........

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