No Covid Testing or Quarantines at Southern Border

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Jan 10, 2021
As a huge Trump supporter, I intentionally tone down my rhetoric when talking to full spectrum audiences as I know many people will turn the comment off if they see something they believe is too appalling. This is my latest attempt to communicate with non deplorables after reading a ridiculously misleading article by Newsweek about covid testing of illegal immigrants. This article is in response to the Greyhound CEO's letter asking for covid testing before border crossers board his buses and Gov. Gregg Abbott's deployment of the National Guard. There are other misleading inaccuracies in the Newsweek article but didn't want to loose whatever remaining audience I might have. I just posted it without the Newsweek link since I didn't debunk the whole article. I'm expecting to have a busy evening here in CA. My comment:

Illegal immigrants are being accepted into our country with no Covid testing and no standard two week quarantine.

The fake narrative being created by the media is appalling. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is internal enforcement. Border Patrol is enforcement at the border. Once illegal immigrants are allowed across the border by Border Patrol, Mexico will not take them back if they test positive for Covid-19. When inside our country or at the border, where are the people who test positive and the people who've been in close proximity (if they did testing) supposed to quarantine? The Federal Government alone has the responsibility to test, screen, and quarantine the illegal immigrants who may have covid. Unfortunately, no policies, procedures or facilities have been provided.

They are coming from active Covid rich areas, traveling and housing in crowded facilities and are NOT being tested at the border. There are no quarantine facilities available. The testing the media is talking about is sporadically being done by ICE (not the Border Patrol) and non profits. There are no established policies, procedures, or facilities. The news media stories say those testing positive are being “advised” to quarantine. There’s no enforcement for the “advised” quarantine and where would they quarantine anyway?

After they are in the country, many travel by bus in a confined space with other passengers and bus drivers, for extended periods of time, to internal areas of the country. Are we creating the possibility of a petri dish for infection on those buses?

We all have empathy for people who are fleeing harsh conditions. But we must do it humanely, fairly, and with health and safety first. With U.S. case numbers rapidly declining, how is this not a disaster which will extend the pandemic indefinitely into the future?


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