No more white people

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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
I'll let you in on a little secret. It's actually an open secret. No one dares to say it, though. You know how the Democrats are always pointing the finger? Blaming others for what they do do, think, feel? Here's the secret: They are the racists.

They have been using blacks to enrich themselves. And now Hispanics. Or Muslims. Or whomever. Why? Why not? If people are just objects, chess pieces to arrange so they can help you, then what difference does it make? It's white people they hate. They don’t want white people in America. Except for them of course. They are the white overlords who want "people of color" to be their servants. Did you know China practices slavery? Yes, actual slavery, today in the 21st Century. Because their overlords see themselves as superior. Their inferiors are chess pieces, machine parts in a car that can be fixed, removed, or replaced. Many bosses think this way. It's not just morally bad. It's destructive and self-destructive. It's Nazi stuff. All that idealistic stuff about a mythical "superior race", like a comic book. China is the most racist country on the planet. It's totally homogenous.

Some blacks you might want to listen to: Shelby Steele, Tom Sowell, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Thomas Chatterton Williams. Buy their books. Support them. They are the real black leaders. Clarence Thomas. Have you noticed Thomas has been standing up for the people when everyone else hasn't? That takes some guts. After he has been treated so badly. Why don't you write a letter to him to tell him how brave he is? Why don't you buy his books. Buy the documentary about him. He's a hero of our time. He sure hasn't been treated that way.

Is it because Dems are racist?

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