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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

Well-known Member
Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles

1. My Reprehensible Representatives in Congress do not represent me.
¶2. These so-called Representatives represent themselves, Corporations, Big-Tech and other Agencies, and in some cases Foreign Governments who have bought them.
¶3. Laws made through a process of legislation are human-made laws. They are always subject to veto and nullification. Only the laws of God — the Ten Commandments — are eternally binding.
¶4. Humans can vote on thousands of pages of gobbeldy-gook and call it law. It is not law if it was enacted by people who do not represent us. Any such "laws" passed by people who gained office through fraud, by dark money, or in the interests of corporations or foreign governments, is unconstitutional, and, legally, is not our law.
¶5. No taxation without representation. We owe no tax to a government that does not represent us.
¶6. We obey no "law" which is passed by people who do not represent us.
¶7. This is the essence of the American idea of Revolution. If the People are not represented they are not governed — won't stand for it — will not submit — will take up arms, if necessary.
¶8. Free People, working together, are more powerful than any government, for the principle of law, order, and government is in their hearts and minds. Their working together is governing — free People want peace and order — not chaos, division, and war.
¶9. War is the breakdown of policy, not its continuation. It happens when the other side ceases to listen, no longer negotiates, censors ideas and speech — in short, acts without the consent of the governed.
¶10. All wars are uncivil. The aim of war is to overcome barbarism and oppression, to create a government in which everyone who wishes and is able can take part, and be heard. The aim of such war is to ensure the fields of endeavor are fair, unrigged, and open to all, and that justice is served impartially.
¶11. This is worth achieving, and cannot be totally achieved by war; that is just a start. This goal is the reason we must no longer support the present government of imposters in America, and that we create and elect a government that represents the vast majority of the People.
¶12. Government is ordained of God. That does not mean (as some insist) the "present government" — far too many governments have been toppled throughout history to say that God was on their side — it means that God was not on the side of the (then) "present" government. It means God is on the side of a government that represents the will and aspirations of the People, and through whose agency that will and those aspirations are expressed — a more perfect union.

This is what we must achieve to have peace and even relative security in our country. This is the good work to be done.

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