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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
Frank Speech

I want to know, please, why our military are shipped off to the Ukraine to protect their border, BUT they are not sent to one of the most deadly and volatile crisis at our OWN southern border? This needs to change. How are we going to feed all the illegals Biden's regime lets into our country? How are we going to curb the deaths from the increased fentanyl over-doses China is sending through Mexico to the U.S.? Are we going to support Mexicans, at least, if you will not save our own country, from the cartell killings & hanging for public display to show which cartel designates as its own territory? While the border as a war zone is kept from the Americas by the MSM & the Biden regime, it is Mayorkas who is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths, the human trafficking, the child & female abuse caused by his refusal to keep control of the flow into our country. Just one rancher has found 89 deaths on his U.S. property so far. We have an IRRESPONSIBLE government unable to accept any BLAME for the war zones, the fentanyl deaths. In Ohio they are even blaming that state for the overdoses and NOT their turning a BLIND EYE to the carnage they have created. Cartels, etc., advertise around the world to get more money for taking people across the border into OUR COUNTRY.

Some day this is going to get out How many and how illegals are crossing our border & the conditions and secret flights to spots around our country. Mayorkas seems to think that if the "cages" are emptied, no one will ever know how many illegals came into our country. This doesn't even count Afghanistan! Will we ever recover from Biden's regime? They are giving away our country & money and hoping NO ONE IN THEIR MEDIA will ever know or tell anyone. They are giving away money & supplies we do not even have ourselves.

I think Biden has become a mean, angry man with diminished faculties that WE (?) still let sign bills into law! Mayorkas is a mentally ill. obsessive compulsive, sociopath who was put into a position way beyond his abilities , which just feeds his obsession to make WHITES be the MINORITY in the U.S. That fact is in a video somewhere. His goal seems to be rapidly achieved, although he will not share the total number to date.


Senior Member
War Room VIP Member
Jun 15, 2021
abolish whiteness.jpg

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