NY Protester Arrested After Trying To Cut Brake Lines On NYPD Van

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

In America’s largest city, avowed Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio can be found with fellow leftist activists painting a Marxist message on the taxpayer-funded street in front of the Trump Tower as a way to taunt the President of the United States. Meanwhile, crime is skyrocketing, while calls from the same activists NYC’s Mayor stands shoulder-to-shoulder with are calling for the defunding of police.

Meanwhile, in what can only be described as shameful, NYPD cops are being forced to stand guard over radical Mayor de Blasio’s Marxist, anti-cop, street message while crime runs rampant in the city.

On Saturday, independent journalist Drew Hernandez captured an exchange between NYPD officers and pro-cop supporters who wanted to deface the “Black Lives Matter” message painted in front of Trump Tower on the street in New York City. When the police officers asked why they were stopping them from defacing the graffiti, the police officer told him they were only following orders from higher up. When asked directly if it was up to Mayor de Blasio, the cop shook his head yes, and gave a thumbs up.

The pro-cop supporters asked the NYPD cops why Black Lives Matter can paint a message on the street, but people who support the police can’t change the message? The NYPD officer responded to one of the pro-police supporters by saying, “I’m not allowed to give opinions on political matters.”

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