Oklahoma Democrat Slammed By Voters Over Impeachment: “We’re Mad As Hell” (Video)

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

Democrats around the country are hearing from constituents who are angry about the impeachment proceedings.

In Oklahoma, Rep. Kendra Horn recently got an earful from voters at a public meeting.


Gary Kimes Sr

The crazy dems need to work for this country and help our Great President



I fear that there will be repercussions and or possibly civil war. The people are speaking but we are not being heard and have not been heard for a long time. We want our America cleaned up. We can not let foreign entities come in and start dictating how we should start turning our country into theirs. Look at their countries. All this is is a long standing plan to take over our country. We need to put a stop to it now. Start thinking about 'OUR AMERICA'. Look at what they have done to England. Wake up AMERICA.

Joe Berry

If they remove this President we will be in a revolution not much doubt about it. The people have said no impeachment but they refuse to listen ignoring the ones they are suppose to work for to follow the George Soros narratives and so called elitist to preserve the New world order. Well i am here to tell you as a patriot we are not going to let you have your new world order in your life time. It will be after the generation of Patriot groups that know what you are up to have been laid to rest
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Victor Case

Might as well vote for Impeachment, the Senate will say no way when it gets to them. So go ahead and kiss Nancy's ass. It's the voters that count.
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Robert Kaspar

The Democrat congress people of the States Trump won had better be fearful of losing their jobs. They may be afraid of voting against their party but the people will vote them out. They will cut their own throats because when it gets to the Senate it will be thrown out but they will have sealed their fate for nothing.

Cathy Mason

Democrats HAVE to take an honest look at what’s happening in our nation, not just the desires of their party and positions. Look at what Obama started by bring people in who don’t share the same values as Americans. They are taking over our schools, twisting our youth, getting into our government for the sole purpose of turning US into what they or their parents fled. If there is any truth in the Agenda 25 event, we have to stop it NOW! ALL OF IT! From impeaching our President to allowing left-wing, socialists, communist, Muslim, sell-out our constitution and way of life. This is much bigger than President Trump’s tweets and the Democrats hatred of him. Nancy Pelosi is a bald-face liar when she says she doesn’t hate him or that “this is a sad and prayerful” situation. If she’s praying, it’s to get rid of the president we elected. She has admitted in many interviews that the impeachment process has been going on for over 2 years. DC needs to realize we are not stupid nor are we their sheep, blindly following their lead. It is becoming more obvious every day just how deep corruption runs. Politicians fear they will be taken down with all that’s coming to light. As painful as it will be, it is necessary if we have any hope of regaining our nation and the foundation it was founded on. We have many rights in our nation but they are to be supported with good sense, respect for each other and a love of God above all else. DC better stop this insanity now or they will have to face We the People in a much more furious way than just the ballot box.

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