Our Border is a Biden Total Disaster

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New Member
Mar 25, 2021
Our Border Is a Total Disaster. Grab your gear, stop jawing and Defend America's Borders.
Here is what you need to have or buy and operate:
TRUMP AD 954 X 760 2.jpg

1. One Smartphone, on a national carrier network.
2. One or Two Long Range Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) Retail Drones.
Border Surveillance Mission UAV Type sources and information:
Get yours and volunteer some time to defending our borders.
No Wall and a poorly staffed Border Patrol and now Biden
signaling a free entry and payments by American taxpayers. You must find the resources to make the time and effort to
Save America. That's what Patriots Do. They Stand Up when Duty Calls.
Take Action not next week or next month. Take This Action Now.
HELP THE BORDER PATROL with your eyes and resources. Watch,
Call In Locations Invaders and Illegal Border Violators. Take your
car and camping equipment and volunteer 2 weeks. Share your
adventures and the nations security through your UAV and your
smart phone. LIVE STREAM YouTube to build an informed public and
a social media following. Rebuild now, 2022, 2023, 2024. Volunteer,
digital space to mobilize and Save America. There are longer range
surveillance UAVs available that can stay aloof 90 days at 60,000 feet,
commercially or assembled by hobbyist. Watch save-america2022.org
to learn more.

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