Our Military Has Gone Full Woke and is Now an Arm of the Democrat Party

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Jan 9, 2021
Tucker Carlson Segment From A Few Nights Back That The Left Is Whining About Today: Joe Biden Is Making A Mockery Of The United States Military
Tucker Discusses How China Is Focusing On Cultivating Masculinity In Their Military While The U.S. Military Embraces Woke Politics.
Many active military members didn’t take too kindly to Tucker’s comments and accused him of misogyny.

First off, why does the military care what a private citizen thinks? Shouldn’t they be focused on matters that actually impact the safety of this country?
Like the CCP.
All this shows is that our military is becoming politicized. And that’s a dangerous precedent.
If our military shows a clear political bias and contempt for their political adversaries, we’re heading down a dark path.

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