PENCE is a “scoundrel”…for NOT attending #45’s farewell at the Air Force Base!

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New Member
Jan 14, 2021
Read that VP Pence was responsible for the personnel decisions which loaded up the Trump administration with establishment republicans and in essence never-Trumpers. If true.... well my opinion of Mr. Pence has dropped.

President Trump was not well served by many of his appointees. If Jeff Sessions had not been appointed attorney general and a MAGA person had been... I imagine many of the President's obstacles would have been avoided.
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Jan 10, 2021


Well-known Member
Jan 19, 2021
An email chain from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate. Obtained
Pence wanted Joe in so much as they can have little kiddy sex orgies in the oval basement together...with Trumps note he left a bag of condoms for them both...Bill eat your heart out...and never get impeached...sorry forgot to add Jack~the child ripper` Dorsey to that list of pedophiles...he will provide the child porn as he approves it...

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