Per: Ann Vandersteel

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Dec 28, 2020
"President must remove "gag order". from Dennis Montgomery". D.M. built the "Hammer and Scorecard" Computer data for John Brennan. James Comey later sold it to the CCP. DM has 47 Hard drives relating to Hammer & Score Card. All ESS, Diebold, Dominion, voting systems are compromised, also Smartmatic Software. Citizens should get in touch with their local election board and insist on forensic analysis of local systems. Reportedly, those who breached Pelosi's office came into possession of a lap top that insisted on joining the rally. Reportedly, Seth Rich's "File Server" ran along with the lap top. I am relaying this at the request of Ann, who was also shutdown on Twtr during the "great purge". This is a relay to our 2 term Pres. from Ann Vandersteel.

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