Piers Morgan should now understand why President TRUMP calls Election Fraud - Election Fraud and sticks to his guns.

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Feb 12, 2021
Piers Morgan walked off the show because he was not going to change his opinion much like President TRUMP will not back down on calling Election Fraud - Election Fraud even after most of the Rep party is kissing the Biden ring. Piers, you criticized President TRUMP, calling him crazy, well now you know, Piers, when you believe something based on facts you don't change because it is politically correct even if it means your job. And yes I agree with your opinion that Meghan is using a Black Lives Matter method of calling out prejudice to excuse her torching the Queen. Her Pelosi teary eye Oprah presentation, I don't buy it. In the end, I believe she will dump Harry and Oprah will be there to cash in. So Piers I give you credit for standing up for what you believe and I hope now you understand why MAGA is standing up for President TRUMP's LandSlide 2020 win which literally buried Joe

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