President Trump needs to rescind Bill and Hillary Clinton’s security clearance ASAP.

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New Member
Jan 9, 2021
Boston, MA
Any break in Hillary’s cozy relationship with the FBI is worth it. Her database of FBI files has enabled her back room dealings. Treatment of Clinton was a promise not kept by President Trump. Anything else that President Trump can do against Clinton in remaining days, he should do. Does President Trump not understand that she orchestrated the coup? How about prosecution for violating her oath of office? In the case of Benghazi and her private email server, she explicitly did not defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic. This may be why there is such pressure for the President to vacate the office, so he does not use his power against the opposition in his remaining days.

President Trump is a fighter. He can take action against Hillary Clinton to fulfill a campaign promise.


Dec 25, 2020
YOU are 100 correct that these two miscreants should have their security clearances revoked by President Trump forthwith. I would not trust these two with a customer loyalty card from Chucky Cheese let alone US security. Hillary is a pathological liar psychopath and Bill is a narcissistic, sexually predacious sociopath.

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