President's Defense Arguments

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New Member
Feb 4, 2021
Pres. Trump does not need to prove voter fraud sufficient to overturn the election results occurred. Proving that is hard, as we've all seen, even when we know it happened. What he is able to do is show that the changes made to voting by several states ostensibly for pandemic reasons put the results into doubt no matter who won. The voting changes themselves were the catalyst to voter anger directed at public officials that led to the unfortunate events at the Capitol. Attorney General Bill Barr warned us all in September, 2020 on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, said the voting changes were, "playing with fire." To blame Pres. Trump for the fire resulting from the work of the arsonists is The Big Lie. His defense must point the finger at those who made the voting changes they knew would sow discord and cause massive distrust in this nation of our voting system, our free and fair elections.

The only requirement for a free and fair election is trust in the results by both winner and loser. The expansion of mail-in voting and electronic voting machines resulted in distrust of at least 40% of the nation. That alone compels the discontinuation of both practices; people can't be ordered to trust a voting system they have reasons to distrust. No amount of court rulings and assertions by election and public officials can change that. "The courts ruled it was legal" doesn't matter. Whether or not a voting system is legal or illegal is moot, what is most important is does a voting system have the trust of voters. Many nations that attempted both expanded mail-in voting and electronic voting machines have discontinued them because they lost the trust of their citizens. That must be the outcome of the 2020 election results. Trump need not make the case the changes resulted in his presidency being stolen. Just that the changes are responsible for the distrust in the results. Just like AG Barr said. And this clip of AG Barr must be played in the well of the US Senate during his defense.


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