Public Enemy Of The World!

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Mar 25, 2021
A predator of civilization Bill Gates and his foundations prey on humans. His wealth grew from $98 billion to $129.8 billion through his COVID investments.
The grate humanitarian he’s not, more of a carpetbagger he is.

Nothing can be more evil than profiteering from the deaths of millions the way Gates did by getting his vaccines mandated, when other therapeutics, hydroxychlorquine, ivermectinn, etc. were better and more affordable.

Gates and his partners Klaus Schwab, George Soros believe the human body can now eat GMO CORN and that needs to be mandated by government so they can profit forever and be the Gods of government.
If science can grow corn seeds in labs then science can invent corn diseases that destroy GMO corn crops. Sort of like computer viruses!

Now why would anybody do that? To words, POWER and GREED!
Oh no Bill, someone else might want your wealth, power, and greed and be willing to fight.
Food Fight, Food Fight, but seriously only the humans suffer when so much energy is put into controlling the world for profits!


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