Radical is Action - - - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Finding The Courage To Defend Freedom
by Charles "Sam" Faddis March 5, 2021
Sam, your ending is a bit flawed. When we cease to be a republic, we have no country, we have no law.
You talk about elections effectively ending - "in effect, we will cease to be a republic at all."
Then you suggest we 'run for office'

You put out some good points, but again the ending is a sign of weakness, not legitimate or lawful strength.
There's no organized defense suggested, such as turning to Non-Violent Action to counter and defeat our enemy.
You discourage violence which is commendable, but a force is needed which is where Non-Violent Action
comes in. It's the force to defeat the armed opposition, precisely because they are in the weaker position
by being armed with tools of violence. Non-Violent Action takes courage from which it draws its strength.

In essence, we are at War with usurping forces installed by the military who are inviting foreign
nationals to invade and conquer the USA. The Democratic Party is at War with the United States.
The Democratic Party is levying war against the USA - that is Treason - It is WAR !

And, if we cease to be a Republic, it's a free-for-all situation - the country is ended.
Without being a Republic, there is no USA - WE the People become free agents not bound to ANY laws ...
We do not accept further dictatorship.
While some may say we revert to our individual States, however, the ENEMY is there too.
We must arrest them, jail them.

I don't advocate harm onto anyone, but merely point out the consequences of their actions and the
proper response by Citizens.

They are the ones who have openly declared war by these steps:
- to end the Republic
- to Install a Dictator
- to surround our National Capitol
- to deploy troops under a False Flag
- to allow un-restricted Elections
- to invite a Deadly Invasion
It is war

This ain't a game folks. This is life and death when the USA is attacked.
We must defend the Republic at all costs. If it falls, then We the People will start anew.
Talk of trying to reclaim the GOP, is OK, but it's not enough and is more of a method to defeat ourselves.
When will the Right, the GOP, conservatives understand and accept the truth of the situation?
All that's being discussed by the Right, the GOP, conservatives are delaying tactics designed to
delay action - They are too Conservative !!!

Radical applies to any and all people - it's not Left or Right
Radical is not Violent
Radical is not Extreme
Radical is Action - - - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

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