Report on my first Precinct Committee meeting

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Psalm 27

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Feb 13, 2021
I found the meeting full of, down home, like minded people. Head count 40 folks, men and women alike. Age groups represented, one or two twenty somethings, quite a few in the 30 to 40 range followed by a smaller number with couples in early 50's to 60's set rounded off with a group from the crusty type, like myself, from the mid 60's early 70's. There were even a few attending on Skype, which I had never seen before.
The meeting starts with a prayer, led by a member, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Similar to most meetings that I have attended, The minutes of the last meeting are read and new business is discussed. Three or four speakers are heard from, concerning projects they are working on related to their respective Districts. The central speaker was a young man and his tablet. He informed the group of the present situation facing the County Republicans, on the ground at the Precinct and District level. This is where I heard about the different Districts that were problem areas with entrenched Democratic voters. I also learned about the Precincts that were considered too tough to crack, infected with discouraged Republicans swearing they would never vote again and NPA's (No Party Affiliation). These were people who very seldom voted at all, from both parties and people who decided to throw their vote away by voting for a candidate representing a party with under 1% of the voter pool.
I learned from a handout that the financial hit to become a member was pretty minimal. In the brochure, they treated the subject as a "suggestion" depending on your ability to pay. The suggestion was $25 a month OR buy tickets to events OR volunteer to help out at events. All and All not too heavy. Once your name is recorded and placed on the e-mail list you are allowed to attend three meetings while you are making up your mind if you want to join as a full fledged member. Once you make up your mind you fill out your oath of membership, chip in whatever money you can afford and then at the next meeting you get up in front of the group and raise your hand and swear to abide by the Constitution of the County Republicans, you get your name tag on a lanyard to wear around your neck when you are at Committee functions
I also learned about how to utilize the web page of the County Elections That's where you get all kinds of neat information; maps of the borders of the Precincts and Districts along with the name and phone contact for every elected office holder in the County. You get all the important dates of elections and primaries with the numbers and percentages, by party, of previous elections. So basically that is your source for intel.
I stayed over for a few minutes after the meeting and I know I can probably develop some collaborations on some ideas that I have for those precincts that are "too tough to crack" We'll see what happens, this is where the rubber meets the road! (y):cool:;)
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