"Republican Alert! 5 more GOP seats" in 2 years. IN TWO YEARS ??

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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
But what are you doing now?? TODAY? No body gave us money but I watched all parties
build up the MILLIONS. Dems were worse because all the BIG MONEY is on their side.
It is even worse than it used to be. There are too many ways to give MILLIONS without
breaking the election laws. WE DO NOT HAVE 2 YEARS. He is DESTROYING our country
And did he REALLY go on screen and tell other countries "WE'RE BACK" ??

Besides NOT having the money I think I want to see GOOD DEEDS. Helpful deeds.

Mike PENCE sold his soul to the DEVIL. What would the extra 10 days have mattered??
But that riot and break-in were well-planned WAY BEFORE ANYONE knew what Pence would do.

That revote for senators would not have been needed if the GA fraud had been taken seriously.
Votes of people do not do a .5 vote. Only machines do. 49.5 is not a real vote.

It was McConnell who put the nails in the coffin with calling Biden president-elect when all
votes were still not counted or audited. THEN it was McConnell again who struck the final
nail to seal the Republicans fate when he did not understand the desperation of we citizens.
He did not get the symbolism of a $2000 relief check from the government. Losing those senate
seats and his own MAJORITY were on him, MCCONNELL & NOT Trump.

And it is so much worse than any of us could ever have imagined. Living in our country is a
HORROR SHOW. And getting worse by the day.

Advertisers and lawyers are the ones we are making rich with our donations. There is
so much money floating out there. While citizens are struggling for survival.

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