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Feb 14, 2021
I was not impressed with President Trump’s speech at CPAC! It was more of the same, we have heard it for months on War Room and the National Pulse, their contributors, and there was nothing new, innovative, and no plan of action with the new tech talent in the Conservative party! The only thing President Trump did do was call-out the US Supreme Court for the GUTLESS HYPOCRITES and COWARDS that they really are! He also did not hit on Election Fraud adequately, which everyone was waiting to here - a big mistake. For Steve Bannon to dismiss the failures of the Trump Team outlined by John Fredericks and Raheem Kassam is a very big mistake. It’s not all about you Steve (as brilliant as you are) you need to start listening much more to your lieutenants, including Jack Maxey! Those that think the Swamp RINOS will be easy to get rid of should think again! None of this "Happy Tough" talk at the CPAC will solve the problem that the New Republican Party must overcome and quick! These so-called Republican "Fire Breathers" spouting tough talk at the CPAC. . .where were they when the folks documenting and presenting ELECTION FRAUD data in SWING STATES needed their support -- they were NOWHERE to be found! Moreover, this talk about not being able to afford the “best” lawyers for lack of money at the end of the election process is irritating. Not only because the Team screwed up, but because the folks (Powell, Rudy The Mayor, etc.) worked their butts off, as did the lawyers that actually succeed in getting the President through the 2nd impeachment. McCarthy, McConnell, and Chaney ALL hold the power in the RINO Kingdom and no amount of TALK will change that. The saying by our War Fighters use is so true. . . “Its Up to Us, No One is Coming!
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